What We Do

Catalyst Research & Communication provides many services to help with  health promotion, outreach, and educational programs. Our content  experience  is strong in school health, nutrition and obesity, aging and senior  health, and many other health and education related areas.  In addition,  we have in-depth experience in primary and secondary formative research,  strategic planning, writing, editing, and meeting facilitation. Catalyst professionals can help you conceptualize and plan your initiatives, and develop materials to support them by: 

1. Conducting Formative Research

       • Questionnaires/surveys 
       • Key informant interviews 
       • Focus groups 
       • Literature reviews 
       • Environmental scans 
       • Audience segmentation

2. Developing an Intervention Plan

       • Goals/objectives 
       • Strategic planning 
       • Intervention blueprint

3. Developing the Intervention

       • Education (curricula, brochures, newsletters, webinars, trainings, etc.) 
       • Writing and editing 
       • Communication (press releases, ads, social media) 
       • Social marketing

4. Testing the Intervention

       • Pilot-tests 
       • Focus groups 
       • Key informants 
       • Expert review

5. Providing Intervention Implementation Support

      • Training and technical assistance 
      • Webinars 
      • Presentations